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HT-012-05-2019 18:48
Superb site
Catnap77710-05-2019 08:45
What a handy site. Never knew it existed until today. Wish l knew about it when l first started my caching exploits.
CD050205-05-2019 20:09
Super genau was ich gesucht habe.
hikerjames5218-04-2019 03:29
Great page for anyone. Lots of useful information here.
D&JC13-04-2019 05:15
Great Site. There is plenty of fun stuff to explore here. We will use these resources in our puzzle building and solving.
Johan van Kemenade24-02-2019 13:31
Dank je voor deze mooie verzameling van tools.
ik maak hier altijd mijn logstrookjes
Solvarbo24-01-2019 08:21
I just registered on this interesting page
Charles Craig11-01-2019 23:46
Great site ... thanks
Bibani07-12-2018 16:07
Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de traduction pour le français !
1971anita05-11-2018 20:56
Het word nu zelfs voor mijn (N.A.H) erg leuk om te gaan geocachen
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