Some tools are affected by an update and do not function properly or result in error messages. I'm looking into it.
Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Tassietan03-02-2020 02:40
I’m new to caching and would be lost without your toolbox. Thanks so much for creating it.
Gibby McGinge28-01-2020 17:29
Have only been caching since May 19 but since then I have used your brilliant site so much. It has been so helpful solving puzzle caches.

Just want to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone who uses it.
BollekeBartje 04-01-2020 19:05
Vandaag dit ontdekt voor onze eerst multi. Zeker voor de coördinaten te herberekenen en de woordwaarde te vinden. Zalig goed. Dank je. En onze beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar. Groetjes
K_Out10-12-2019 04:34
Been geocaching for a while and just came across the site, very cool, would like to join.
crystalwoods27-10-2019 21:19
What a great site! Helping me solve puzzles and helping me to create a few too. Thanks!
Geocaching Central18-10-2019 05:13
Fantastic site. You can find it listed at geocachingcentral[dot]com in the INTERNET TOOLS section.
J&J Team Yukon13-10-2019 15:28
Just found your site. So far loving it and added it to my home screen.
ltdees29-09-2019 18:49
My neighbor ask me if I've heard of "geocash" I thought she was referring to some sort of online money thing, I had no clue ....No-no-no! Not money you dork...not that kind of cash..."caching" after a brief educating, I'm in! Come to out find there are hundreds around my home town! Who knew...Retired and 70 I found a new adventure thats easy and fun. I'm out every day riding my bike looking for logbooks
Hurric12-09-2019 03:52
Nice site to have and use.
Geocaching Username: GeocacheAmazing19-08-2019 12:23
Thanks for this website! The QR Code generator and text reverser are great tools, as are the rest!
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