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J&J Team Yukon13-10-2019 15:28
Just found your site. So far loving it and added it to my home screen.
ltdees29-09-2019 18:49
My neighbor ask me if I've heard of "geocash" I thought she was referring to some sort of online money thing, I had no clue ....No-no-no! Not money you dork...not that kind of cash..."caching" after a brief educating, I'm in! Come to out find there are hundreds around my home town! Who knew...Retired and 70 I found a new adventure thats easy and fun. I'm out every day riding my bike looking for logbooks
Hurric12-09-2019 03:52
Nice site to have and use.
Geocaching Username: GeocacheAmazing19-08-2019 12:23
Thanks for this website! The QR Code generator and text reverser are great tools, as are the rest!
C&J17-08-2019 21:37
Thank you so much for still having this awesome site up! Woo hoo!
Team .. Bi-Ola ...22-07-2019 09:25
Auch von uns! "Super Seite".
Sie/Es/Er bringt unser Familien-Bi wieder aufm Punkt .. ;)

Bi schadet nie...

Hollieloveschloe 17-07-2019 14:00
Now that I’ve found you, I need to learn how to use you. Oh my! Fun, fun, fun! Thanks to whomever created this!
ScottieGal11-07-2019 04:26
What a neat site! I am brand new to geocaching, have little idea where to start but this is a good place for help. Thanks!
jfc250430-05-2019 02:42
super site ,heel erg handig en gebruiksvriendelijk .TOP
NX1S13-05-2019 14:14
Sehr informative Website, vielen Dank!
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