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Track builder and distance measurement

The map below can be used to plan your geocaching trip and geocaches can be added as waypoints. This can also be used to measure the length of a track. Select the mode, track or marker, and click on the map to add points. The markers and the tracks will be shown on the map and the length of current track is shown. When finished, everything can be send directly to your GPS device or saved as a .gpx file.
Not only supporting the opening of .gpx files saved with this tool, but also supporting .gpx and .loc files of (max 10MB and 1000 track points and/or 1000 waypoints).

  Include waypoints (Premium members only, read more)
Multiple geocaches (maximal 25) can be retrieved by separating GC-codes by spaces, comma's or semicolons.

Radius: meter
  Exclude my finds
  Exclude my hides
  Include waypoints (Premium members only, read more.)
*Basic members can only search for Traditional caches through this function. Other caches can only be retrieved by GC-code, read more
A maximum of 50 caches will be retrieved.
The maximum radius is 100km (100000m).
Upload file
Choose gpx/loc file: Markers Tracks Both

Map options

Auto centre - - -

Track options
Name: Colour:  
Current track:  

Marker optionsRetrieve geocaches
Name: Coordinates:
Type: Colour:  

Track length:

Functions, buttons and options

On the map:
Track mode: Select this mode to add track points
Marker mode: Select this mode to add markers

Add point: Click on the map
Move point: Click and drag marker
Remove point: Double click the marker
Insert point in track: Double click the line
Change name or type of a marker: Click with right mouse button on the marker
Change name or colour of a track: Click with right mouse button on a track marker

Upload file:
Choose file: Select an existing .gpx or .loc file to open.
Open gpx/loc: Open the selected .gpx or .loc file on the map (markers only, track only or both).
  A maximum of 1000 track points and/or 1000 waypoints is used and the maximum file size is 10MB.
Map options:
Go to location: Jump to location on the map
Auto centre: Centres the map automatically on each new point
Zoom to fit: Chooses the best zoom level to make all tracks and markers visible
Remove markers: Removes all tracks and markers
Save as gpx: Saves the current track and markers as .gpx file
Send to GPS: Send the current track and markers to a connected Garmin GPS device (uses the Garmin Communicator Plugin)

Track options:
Add track: Add a new track with the chosen name and colour
Remove track: Remove the current, selected, track

Marker options:
Retrieve geocaches: Retrieve geocaches and waypoints from using the GC-code or coordinates. Login is required for this function only.
Add marker: Add a marker with given coordinates and chosen name and marker type.
  Coordinates can be entered in WGS84 as:
  - decimal degrees (N50.91721 E5.91775)
  - degrees and decimal minutes (N50 55.032 E5 55.065)
  - degrees, minutes and decimal seconds (N50 55 1.956 E5 55 3.9)
  Separate the different numbers by using spaces.
  Use of N, E, S, W as wel as just positive or negative numbers is allowed.
  Copying and pasting the coordinates as listed on a geocache description page on is also possible.

View on large map: View your map on full screen. Only to review or print the map, no changes can be made on this map.

Track length: Shows the length of the selected track in the chosen unit (meter, kilometer, feet or mile)

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