Some tools are affected by an update and do not function properly or result in error messages. I'm looking into it.
Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Guest book
Mister Stingray05-08-2020 22:29
Geweldige site. Je kan er echt alles op vinden.
Bullitt2505-01-2020 12:21
Cool [GC-CODE]
NHVELDH04-30-2020 10:00
Onmisbaar voor alle schatzoekers! (En ook voor liefhebbers van de AIVD-kerstpuzzel!)
Troopeg04-28-2020 20:40
Heel goede site, handig en uitgebreid. Bravo
Géocaching Tof04-28-2020 16:22
Un superbe outil très maniable et que les géocacheurs adorent !
FlummoxInFlux 04-24-2020 16:18
I'd heard of the Geocaching toolbox, but I had never used it before. I had no idea rhe number of tools that were available. I will definitely be visiting this site more.
Wilsora04-22-2020 21:04
Excellent Site
LuthorCorp04-10-2020 07:00
THIS. IS. AWESOME! Thanks so much for this epic site! I love it!
Andre04-08-2020 00:21
Habe schon einige Male den W3W-Umrechner bemüht. Vielen Dank für den.
SnapNinja03-12-2020 05:10
Have only found 2 caches, But in for the long haul. Thanks
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