Some tools are affected by an update and do not function properly or result in error messages. I'm looking into it.
Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Image code generator

Using the form below the html-code can be acquired to put an image on your geocache, trackable or profile page (or every other page that accepts html-code).
For more information on images at cache pages or showing html-code I would like to point to the Frequently asked questions.

Image location* Link to the image (http://.....)
Description* Description of the image, for example: The geocache
Hyperlink Optional: Link to the page which should open after clicking the image
Width Optional: Width of the image in pixels (If only width is given, the height will change accordingly)
Height Optional: Height of the image in pixels (If only height is given, the width will change accordingly)
Border Optional: Width of the border around the image in pixels
Center Optional: Check to center the image
Caption Optional: Caption below the image
* required field
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