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Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Coordinate notation

Enter the coordinates in the available notation, the other notations will be calculated. The entered values should always be positive and use N, S, E and W.
The bottom field can be used the enter coordinates in 1 field.

Decimal degrees Latitude: .° Longitude: .°
Degrees and decimal minutes Latitude: ° .' Longitude: ° .'
Degrees, minutes and seconds Latitude: ° ' '' Longitude: ° ' ''
Single input field for all notations
Coordinate notation

GPS coordinates as used at can be represented in different ways. The notation uses N (North) or S (South) to denote latitude and E (East) or W (West) to denote longitude. Furthermore are these coordinates shown as degrees and decimal minutes. However, there are more ways to express them. If N, S, E and W is not shown, N and E are positive values and S and W negative values. Furthermore the next three notations are possible with: ° the degrees symbol, ' the minutes symbol and '' the seconds symbol. There are 60 minutes in one degree and 60 seconds in one minute.

Notation nameExample
Decimal degreesN 50.91721° E 5.91775°
Degrees and decimal minutesN 50° 55.032' E 5° 55.065'
Degrees, minutes and secondsN 50° 55' 1.956'' E 5° 55' 3.9''
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