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Coordinate notation

Enter the coordinates in the available notation, the other notations will be calculated. The entered values should always be positive and use N, S, E and W.
The bottom field can be used the enter coordinates in 1 field.

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Multiple geocaches (maximal 25) can be retrieved by separating GC-codes by spaces, comma's or semicolons.

Decimal degrees Latitude: .° Longitude: .°
Degrees and decimal minutes Latitude: ° .' Longitude: ° .'
Degrees, minutes and seconds Latitude: ° ' '' Longitude: ° ' ''
Single input field for all notations Retrieve geocache coordinates
Coordinate notation

GPS coordinates as used at can be represented in different ways. The notation uses N (North) or S (South) to denote latitude and E (East) or W (West) to denote longitude. Furthermore are these coordinates shown as degrees and decimal minutes. However, there are more ways to express them. If N, S, E and W is not shown, N and E are positive values and S and W negative values. Furthermore the next three notations are possible with: ° the degrees symbol, ' the minutes symbol and '' the seconds symbol. There are 60 minutes in one degree and 60 seconds in one minute.

Notation nameExample
Decimal degreesN 50.91721° E 5.91775°
Degrees and decimal minutesN 50° 55.032' E 5° 55.065'
Degrees, minutes and secondsN 50° 55' 1.956'' E 5° 55' 3.9''
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