Everyone can contribute to Geocaching Toolbox. This can be done in different ways:
New tools Do you have any idea for a new tool, anything you use on a regular basis and can't find here or some tool you would like to find here as well, please send a description to me through the contact form at the top right of the page. I can't promise to fulfill all wishes, but I will certainly have a look and see if it's feasible.
Bug reports If you find any problem, error or any other sort of bug, please report them using the contact form at the top right of the page. I'm not able to test every possible situation, so I appreciate any feedback.
Translations I'm looking for volunteers to translate Geocaching Toolbox into other languages. Interested in helping out? Contact me through the contact form at the top right of the page.
A special thanks

I want to thank all people who contributed to Geocaching Toolbox and a special thanks goes to the people below for their contribution.

Lineflyer- German translation
geoPetros- Slovak translation
MAXZ1309, rakasva- Spanish translation
Lord Yoruno- Italian and Swiss night geocaches
ChrisDen- South African night geocaches
hal-an-tow- British, Irish and French night geocaches
TNXPro- Australian and New Zealand night geocaches
LoonieTrix- Greater Washington state area night geocaches
Lineflyer- German night geocaches
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