Some tools are affected by an update and do not function properly or result in error messages. I'm looking into it.
Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Intersection of circles

This tool can be used to determine the intersection point of circles. NOTE determine, so not calculate. Unfortunately I don't have a reliable and solid method to calculate the intersection (yet).
Enter the centre and radius of each circle below. Add additional circles if needed. The circles will be shown on the map, C markers, and an extra marker is shown, I marker. This I marker can be dragged across the map and the coordinates of the marker are shown above the map. Drag the marker to the correct location and the coordinates you are looking for are immediately shown.
Note that this methods relies on the accuracy of the Google map circles and might deviate from other methods.

Some sample notations:
N12.345 E6.789
-12 34.567 12 56.789
S12 34 12.567 W12 56 12.789
Circle 1  
Circle 2  
Intersection of circles
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