Some tools are affected by an update and do not function properly or result in error messages. I'm looking into it.
Known issues: Coordinate conversion (errors for some conversions).
Geocaching Toolbox changelog
12-29-2023 Steganography tool is back online (many thanks to IByteNL)
12-20-2023 Create log sheet is back online
09-01-2023 Major background update, some tools need bugfixing (Steganography, Create log sheet and some coordinate conversions)
05-30-2019 Login and connection to removed. This causes the functions to upload to and download from to be removed. Besides this all tools will still perform as they used to.
Night geocaches, event calendar, dancing men and trackbuilder tools removed, some of them will be back.
06-09-2018 Spanish website added, thanks to MAXZ1309 and rakasva
06-08-2018 Google maps replaced by Leaflet with Openstreet maps
06-07-2018 Distance units added to the distance, bearing and midpoint tool
06-06-2018 Distance units added to the coordinate projection tool
06-05-2018 Solved bug when using diacritics in the what3words conversion tool
Links page updated
03-10-2018 Slovak website added, thanks to geoPetros
11-25-2017 Dagger code added
11-13-2017 German website added, thanks to Lineflyer
10-05-2017 Bug fix in event calendar
10-01-2017 Swedish language added to Vigenère cipher decoder
09-01-2017 Made the connection to the toolbox secure (https)
12-22-2016 Visitor alphabet added
12-07-2016 Bug fix in intersection of circles tool
11-28-2016 Red herring code added
11-06-2016 List of sudoku solvers updated
10-20-2016 New sudoku solver added
09-26-2016 New option for logsheets and Unown alphabet (pokemon) added
06-23-2016 South African night geocaches added
05-23-2016 New code tables: I Ching hexagrams; Optical telegraph (Murray)
05-22-2016 New code tables: Australian sign language; Cistercian numerals; Klingon alphabet; Klinzhai alphabet
04-04-2016 New code tables: Polka dot code; Vulcan script
Bug fix Slash and pipe code
Remove diacritics option added to the Text analysis tool
04-01-2016 what3words conversion added
03-30-2016 Bug fix in British grid coordinates
03-16-2016 Additional method added to the word value tool
02-28-2016 domain added
02-25-2016 Bug fix in Kenny code tool
01-18-2016 Antipodes tool added
01-12-2016 Due to problems with the Garmin Communicator plugin, the 'Send to GPS' function is removed
01-01-2016 Base conversion extended with possibility to show all base conversions
12-30-2015 Small log sheets (0.7, 1 and 2 cm) added
12-11-2015 Dutch grid conversion added as separate tool
Updated downloads and log sheets (special characters can now be used properly and the logo is replaced by the geocaching community logo
Hymmnos alphabet and slash and pipe code added to code tables
10-30-2015 Some additional conversions added to Brainfuck & Ook! code
10-05-2015 Italian and Swiss night geocaches added
09-11-2015 Kabouter ABC, Kabouter geheimschrift and Solresol added to code tables
09-04-2015 Small adjustments to the event calendar and the night caches page. Both can now be shared or stored as bookmark with filters.
06-29-2015 Event calendar expanded and now showing all events worldwide
Three number tools added: Euler number, Euler–Mascheroni constant and Golden ratio
06-15-2015 Numbers to letters tool added
06-13-2015 Important update regarding the authorization process (read more)
Cookie information added
HTML section replaced by FAQ
Added website status page
06-01-2015 Space invaders alphabet, four triangles cipher and three squares cipher added
Bug fix layout social media bar
05-29-2015 Bug fix QR code and barcode reader
05-28-2015 Social page added with facebook page, #geocaching Twitter stream and the latest #geocaching Instagram pictures
Bug fix ASCII conversion
05-21-2015 Kenny code tool added
Angle unit conversion tool added
New code tables: Birds on a wire; Color Honey code; Color Tokki code; Futurama code 2; Kenny code; Maze code; D'ni numerals
05-20-2015 Added new option to Baconian cipher
Burrows - Wheeler transform added
Bug fix ASCII conversion
04-21-2015 Utopian code added
04-18-2015 Code tables added
Antiker code; Arcadian alphabet; Ath alphabet; Babylonian numbers; Baudot code; Brahmi numbers; Braille; Chappe code; Cirth alphabet; Cyrillic numbers; Dancing men code; Futurama code; Hebrew numbers; Hexahue; Hieratic numbers; Kharosthi numbers; Matoran alphabet; Maya numbers; Moon alphabet; Morse; Ogham code; Periodic table of the elements; Pigpen cipher; Pixel alphabet; Planet barcode; Postnet barcode; Prussian semaphore system; Puzzle code; Quadoo alphabet; San Luca code; Segment display; Semaphore flags; Sign language; Signal flags; Templar code; Tomtom code; Vanity code
04-09-2015 Bug fix in image information (Exif)
04-01-2015 Custom links added to the links page
03-17-2015 Night geocaches added
03-16-2015 State filter and Giga events added to the Event calendar
Remove diacritics option added to the Word value tool
03-02-2015 Date filter added to the Event calendar
02-16-2015 Incomplete coordinates tool extended with possibility to be able to limit the values of variables
01-23-2015 Added general substitution cipher
01-08-2015 domain added
01-07-2015 Links section updated
Caption added to Image code generator
01-02-2015 New word value methods added (Swedish characters)
10-30-2014 New word value methods added (German characters)
Case sensitivity added to text analysis tool
10-29-2014 Segment display tool added
10-28-2014 Increased accuracy line intersection tool and bearing calculation
Bug fix UTM conversion
10-27-2014 Updated screenshots in the HTML section (due to update
05-07-2014 Resistor code added
Log sheets in French added
04-24-2014 Dvorak keyboard added
04-04-2014 Vanity code added
03-10-2014 domain added
03-05-2014 Log sheets in German added
03-04-2014 Small adjustments in coordinate calculations
02-25-2014 About page added
02-10-2014 Website framework adjusted to be compatible with multiple languages
12-06-2013 QR code and barcode reader added
12-04-2013 Create log sheet tool added
11-28-2013 QR code generator added
Bug fix image information tool
11-27-2013 Geocaches and waypoints import using coordinates added to track builder
11-22-2013 USNG and MGRS added to coordinate conversion tool
11-20-2013 HTML page images updated and explanation on removing images added
11-14-2013 Bug fix page styling in IE 8 & 9
11-13-2013 Text reverse tool added
11-11-2013 Coordinate import now also available in track builder
11-08-2013 Update of ASCII conversion tool
11-07-2013 Bug fix in incomplete coordinates tool
11-04-2013 Geocaching live functions added.
• Retrieve geocache and waypoint coordinates
• Update cache note on geocache page
11-03-2013 Login added to use geocaching live features
10-09-2013 All coordinate tools updated (mainly background functions)
10-01-2013 Event calendar expanded and will now update automatically once a week through Geocaching Live
09-15-2013 New domain:
08-30-2013 Coordinate conversion edited and expanded and information on ellipsoids and datums added.
08-29-2013 Image information (Exif) added
08-28-2013 Steganography added
08-27-2013 Fibonacci numbers and Lucas numbers added
08-20-2013 Sudoku solver added
08-13-2013 Case sensitivity edited for ASCII conversion
07-25-2013 Errors corrected in text analysis
06-20-2013 Incomplete coordinates added
06-12-2013 Error corrected in semaphore flags
03-20-2013 Rail Fence cipher added
03-19-2013 Bug fixes in track builder
• Error while removing track points
• Unexpected reset of track length
03-14-2013 One-time pad added
03-05-2013 Trifid cipher added
03-04-2013 Four-square cipher added
03-02-2013 Playfair cipher added
03-01-2013 Bifid cipher added
02-27-2013 Caesar cipher extended with key
02-20-2013 Brainfuck & Ook! code added
02-05-2013 Semaphore flags added
01-31-2013 Hexahue added
01-29-2013 Intersection of circles added
01-26-2013 'Send to GPS' function active for all coordinate tools
01-20-2013 Extension of track builder finished
New features:
• Multiple tracks possibility added
• Marker icons and colours added
• 'Send to GPS' function added
01-01-2013 Start of changelog
Available tools:
• Coordinates: Distance, bearing and midpoint; Coordinate conversion; Coordinate notation; Coordinate projection; Intersection of lines
• Text functions: ASCII conversion; Text analysis; Word value
• Encodings: ADFGX / ADFGVX cipher; Affine cipher; Atbash cipher; Bacon cipher; Caesar cipher; Gronsfeld cipher; Kamasutra cipher; Vigenère cipher; Vigenère cipher decoder
• Other conversions and alphabets: Braille; Dancing men code; GCcode - GCid conversion; Colour conversion; Morse; Signal flags
• Numbers: Base conversion; Pi - π; Prime numbers; Roman numbers
• Others: Event calendar; Track builder and distance measurement
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