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Bacon cipher

Choose the method, either encrypt or decrypt, and choose the version of the cipher. The standard version does not distinguish between the I and the J and between the U and the V. In the second version every letter has a unique encoding.

Swap A and B:

Original:  abcdefgh
Original:  i-jklmnopq
Original:  rstu-vwxyz

The baconian cipher is a method of steganography. Steganography is the art of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one suspects the existence of the message. In case of the baconian cipher, each letter is encoded with a series of 5 characters consisting of a number of A's and B's.
However, in a text encoded with this cipher, you will never see these series of A's and B's. They are hidden within a tekst. An example is the coding through typeface, for example normal and italic letters. The normal letters represent an A and the italic letters represent a B. By this way one can hide a secret message in an on first sight normal text.

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