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FIL6724-01-2017 09:49
Je viens de découvrir ce site très intéressant. Super !

Merci aux créateurs et à ceux qui le font vivre.
bridgegirl197508-01-2017 00:01
I'm so glad that I found this website! Thanks for putting everything in one place!!
NeverLostAu24-12-2016 07:02
The Red Herring code? Awesome! You couldn't give us a hint could you?
Nienke19-12-2016 20:06
super leuk!!!!!!
Dennis smyth10-12-2016 20:32
Works really well for what I need it for
just+ed12-11-2016 14:32
Really good tool. Nice!
>---^---:)11-11-2016 02:20
Great site thanks for your efforts
TB# 495691. anyone can log it.
Note: I verified that the code is placed by the owner of the TB. Therefore I'll leave it in place.
kathysgeek26-10-2016 00:21
I just stumbled on the site while googling for a waypoint projection tool.
It is a nice site and handy tools.
I don't know how I missed finding it earlier but it is bookmarked now. thanks!
Gringo87112-09-2016 01:50
Great set of tools! Can't wait to try some of them out.
tom08-09-2016 11:06
Hallo mensen weet iemand hoe ik deze puzzel kan oplossen? [COÖRDINATEN VERWIJDERD]

Het is niet de bedoeling om hier individuele caches te bespreken. Stuur me even een bericht via een van de andere contactopties dan kan ik kijken of ik je kan helpen.
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